So the wonderful Mike Sherbakov inspired me to begin sharing weekly gratitude and acknowledgment of some amazing souls out there doing incredible things.

I really want to seize the opportunity to spotlight everyone and anyone who I have either been inspired by from a distance or who has directly impacted my life in a positive way. Whether big name thought leaders, budding individuals within my community or a hidden gem just within my personal sphere, I want to honor them and also share them with anyone who may benefit from learning who they are.

The list of names that floods into my mind already puts a smile on my face, so I want to share these beautiful people with the rest of you so that maybe you can connect with them or at the very least be inspired by these world changers like I have been.

So in no particular order, the first person I would like to start this new tradition off with, (who will come at no surprise to anyone who knows me well) is none other than the incredible Jessie Torres.

This wonderful woman, who I practically consider to be my twin (aside from a few beautiful and subtle differences, just so we could confirm we are in fact two individuals), as well as my soul-sister, partner and best friend, happens to also be my mom, in this particular lifetime 😉

This radiant woman is hands down one of the most inspiring and loving people on the planet and is completely dedicated to her mission to end suffering and awaken the human spirit.

Her story is nothing short of awe-inspiring, from living through abuse and being completely numb, to awakening through compassion into her inner power and will for something more.

She was a coach with Robbins Research Int., an Anthony Robbins company, for 5 years and now works with private clients through her incredible business Fierce Grace Transformation. If you are a woman who is looking to completely change your life by stepping into your power, redefining sensuality, and revealing what is truly missing on a spiritual level, you will not find a more powerful and loving coach to work with.

In addition to bringing me into this world, I am so grateful for the unworldly connection that we have and the mission that we share. Thank you for living an inspiring life, for speaking my language and for ‘being in the magic’ with me 😉 . I honor all that you have done and look forward to all the healing you will continue to bring to this planet through your light.

As a sidetone to the ladies out there, something to keep on the radar for the future, is mother-daughter workshops and retreats that we plan to partner up on in a big way… Stay tuned, always 😉

Love you mom, you are a gift!

xox Shay