Accepting yourself is one thing but be careful to not confuse accepting with settling. Never settle for any part of yourself you don’t like. Never settle for parts of yourself that are interfering with your ultimate happiness, how you want to be and your life desires.

It’s not about changing who you are or not accepting yourself, it’s about undoing what is not really *you*; it’s about growing into who you *really are at your core, who you’ve really always been and who you truly want to be, instead of succumbing to habits and wiring formed from experience and conditioning.

Identify and separate what was born within you from what was learned or adopted that is not yours to own.

Give yourself grace, yes. Accept yourself and who you are at this exact moment in your journey, yes.
But don’t stop there, don’t ever give up on taking ownership of your blue print, erasing and redrawing as many times as you need until it’s a masterpiece YOU have mapped out, created and are building.
As adults we are able to take control and full ownership of the beautiful project of ourselves.

Lay it out, examine the job that your parents, friends, family, experiences, and society have all done with your blueprint. Thank them for the wonderful pieces you want to keep and lovingly put the eraser head to the parts you’re not so fond of.

You are the architect of you.

Thank your helpers and influencers, ask opinions and advice from trusted loved ones, don’t be afraid to try something new or to mess up , but ultimately, be your leader, never stop growing, never give up on your vision of you. It IS possible to be and have exactly what your heart desires, no matter how impossible or far fetched it seems.

YOU are the designer, create the you of your dreams while loving the you right now.

Never lose sight and you will see…

❤️, Shay