Ask yourself this question and ask it fairly often. Whenever you do, really take a minute or two to think about your real and truthful answer.

If you were told today, that you had exactly 6 months left of your life…

What massive shifts would occur in your thinking, your behavior and your relationship with life?

What epiphanies and realizations would you have about your life and the way you have been living it or not living it?

What would you say to your best friend about how you feel about them?

What would be written in the letters you wrote to your parents and siblings, knowing the time to say it was almost up?

What love would you confess or deepen in a whole new and real way?

What habits would immediately be dropped?

What grudges would completely dissipate?

What views of people and the world would change, and what would they change to?’

What experiences would you relive and revisit?

What experiences would you live for the first time and completely soak up?

What would you say and who would you say it to?

Would you realize how some of the elements of your life, lifestyle and ways of thinking have perhaps been toxic to your spirit? In this realization with only 6 months to live,

Would you let it all go immediately?

What would your new eyes see?

Another way of reflecting on your life, of discovering if you are living it out in the way your true self desires you to be, is to do the opposite of the above and imagine visiting your 85 year old self in the future.

If you asked him/her for some advice or guidance, what might they say?

Would your future self tell you, “you are perfectly on path, don’t change a single thing! “

Or perhaps might they offer some loving insights, whether small and subtle or huge and profound?

Your future self might tell you to laugh more, to keep going after your goals and dreams but to not take life so seriously all the time. Your future self might tell you to get out in nature more and that you may regret how rarely you soaked in the sun, hiked in the mountains, were in awe of the canyons and at peace near the ocean when you were so able to be.

Your future self might tell you to love deeper and harder on everyone who means anything to you in your life and that ultimately memories of meaningful relationships, adventures and experiences with others and yourself, people who you’ve impacted and who have impacted you, is all you truly reflect on at 85.

Your future self might tell you to stop being so hard on yourself…

that you will have so much to be proud of, so many inner and outer accomplishments by 85; so there is really no reason to miss out on all the meaning in the beautiful journey of getting to and going through each one.

This is life, happening right now. Life is not just the ‘big moments’ or the epic photo opps. Would you tear a page out of a book and claim it as the whole story? Or does each word, each moment, experience and emotion create the richness of it all?

Don’t miss it, the essence of life that is. Soak it all in because the truth is, there are no little moments <3


So the wonderful Mike Sherbakov inspired me to begin sharing weekly gratitude and acknowledgment of some amazing souls out there doing incredible things.

I really want to seize the opportunity to spotlight everyone and anyone who I have either been inspired by from a distance or who has directly impacted my life in a positive way. Whether big name thought leaders, budding individuals within my community or a hidden gem just within my personal sphere, I want to honor them and also share them with anyone who may benefit from learning who they are.

The list of names that floods into my mind already puts a smile on my face, so I want to share these beautiful people with the rest of you so that maybe you can connect with them or at the very least be inspired by these world changers like I have been.

So in no particular order, the first person I would like to start this new tradition off with, (who will come at no surprise to anyone who knows me well) is none other than the incredible Jessie Torres.

This wonderful woman, who I practically consider to be my twin (aside from a few beautiful and subtle differences, just so we could confirm we are in fact two individuals), as well as my soul-sister, partner and best friend, happens to also be my mom, in this particular lifetime 😉

This radiant woman is hands down one of the most inspiring and loving people on the planet and is completely dedicated to her mission to end suffering and awaken the human spirit.

Her story is nothing short of awe-inspiring, from living through abuse and being completely numb, to awakening through compassion into her inner power and will for something more.

She was a coach with Robbins Research Int., an Anthony Robbins company, for 5 years and now works with private clients through her incredible business Fierce Grace Transformation. If you are a woman who is looking to completely change your life by stepping into your power, redefining sensuality, and revealing what is truly missing on a spiritual level, you will not find a more powerful and loving coach to work with.

In addition to bringing me into this world, I am so grateful for the unworldly connection that we have and the mission that we share. Thank you for living an inspiring life, for speaking my language and for ‘being in the magic’ with me 😉 . I honor all that you have done and look forward to all the healing you will continue to bring to this planet through your light.

As a sidetone to the ladies out there, something to keep on the radar for the future, is mother-daughter workshops and retreats that we plan to partner up on in a big way… Stay tuned, always 😉

Love you mom, you are a gift!

xox Shay





Accepting yourself is one thing but be careful to not confuse accepting with settling. Never settle for any part of yourself you don’t like. Never settle for parts of yourself that are interfering with your ultimate happiness, how you want to be and your life desires.

It’s not about changing who you are or not accepting yourself, it’s about undoing what is not really *you*; it’s about growing into who you *really are at your core, who you’ve really always been and who you truly want to be, instead of succumbing to habits and wiring formed from experience and conditioning.

Identify and separate what was born within you from what was learned or adopted that is not yours to own.

Give yourself grace, yes. Accept yourself and who you are at this exact moment in your journey, yes.
But don’t stop there, don’t ever give up on taking ownership of your blue print, erasing and redrawing as many times as you need until it’s a masterpiece YOU have mapped out, created and are building.
As adults we are able to take control and full ownership of the beautiful project of ourselves.

Lay it out, examine the job that your parents, friends, family, experiences, and society have all done with your blueprint. Thank them for the wonderful pieces you want to keep and lovingly put the eraser head to the parts you’re not so fond of.

You are the architect of you.

Thank your helpers and influencers, ask opinions and advice from trusted loved ones, don’t be afraid to try something new or to mess up , but ultimately, be your leader, never stop growing, never give up on your vision of you. It IS possible to be and have exactly what your heart desires, no matter how impossible or far fetched it seems.

YOU are the designer, create the you of your dreams while loving the you right now.

Never lose sight and you will see…

❤️, Shay



As I was scrolling through my Facebook Feed today I felt it was time to finally acknowledge the truth. I have been feeling this pull for a while now but hadn’t found the time or the words to address it, and honestly, I just wasn’t ready. I am now, because I know it will finally set me free of this incongruent feeling within me, a feeling that has been driving me pretty crazy. As it is said, the truth shall set you free, and free is all I ever want to be.

Going over the pictures and posts over the last few months, I saw my life and so many of the beautiful moments and beautiful thoughts that I’ve had and shared. All of these experiences with my friends, my family, myself, traveling and growing, that have all been very real and were very true moments of my life- but it has only been just a part of my life, only just a part of the recent truth.

We all know that what is portrayed on social media isn’t always as it seems, but I think we need the reminder sometimes, especially if we are in the habit of comparing. I think that it’s ok and even wonderful to use social media as a way to spread positivity, and of course no one wants to have their feed filled with nothing but drama or negativity, just don’t ever think that someone is truly sharing their entire life, good and bad with you on their Facebook account. Though I have kept my posts honest in what I was feeling in those moments, and truthful in my beliefs about life and it’s beauty, I also saw a lot missing from what I’ve been experiencing this last year-and it was somehow dishonoring.

The truth is, I have experienced some dark dark days over this last year. I have felt pain in ways that I have never felt before, and have been tending to a massive hole in my heart.

As I scrolled through photos of my trip to Peru for example, what you wouldn’t know is how often I shed tears on that trip. Was it an amazing trip, with amazing growth, and irreplaceable memories that left an imprint on my heart? Absolutely, %100, but %90 of that being the case is due to what I was dealing with inside while being on that trip and in those moments.

What you don’t know is how much I have been thrusting myself in and out of confusion and clarity, pain and healing, understanding and anger, and how exhausting it all has been on my determined soul. What you don’t know is how much I have been so focused, yet distracted with getting to the other side, that I have fallen more than short on my lifestyle commitments of doing A,B & C “no matter what,” and that I have judged myself so harshly because of it. That I haven’t felt able to really unleash my passion and focus of building and launching Mind Body Soulfit into all that I envision it to be because I have felt so unaligned with its very core message and purpose.


What is beautiful is that in this, I have realized that every bit of this current experience has been my biggest test. I have been tested more than ever, to stand entirely in what I believe in, to stand up for my message and be a true exemplification of it. No wonder I couldn’t promote and build my business, for it is completely centered around self-love and truth,doubt and here I was, judging myself and feeling like I couldn’t be truthful with the fact that yes, even I, promotor of self kindness, fitness consistency and joyful living was having a very real human moment of dealing with some major challenges. I have been judging myself for not being perfect, for not handling the hardest thing in my life with more grace, for letting it deter me from my goals and distract me from my message and bring me back to dabbling in the miserable pool of self-doubt.

What I didn’t realize was that the very thing I didn’t want my ‘followers’ or anyone else watching my journey to see, was the very thing that calls forth the beautiful message of strength and truth that Mind Body Soulfit represents. I didn’t realize that I had been caught in the thinking that I needed to be perfect to teach others how to accept their imperfections, without ever realizing the massive contradiction. If anything, I have learned even more than I could have possibly ever bargained for with how to get back to your truth, how to live from your strength, how to maintain living from a place of love, acceptance and joy no matter- and I mean no matter what life throws at you. I have learned even more than before about connecting to your inner grit, to revealing and owning your value and self worth and ALWAYS remaining true to the real you.

So I confess and reveal, that without going into detail, this has been the hardest phase of my life yet. Have I laughed, shared beautiful moments, and made memories? Yes. Have I had to conquer my mind, face demons and pull myself out of pits every single day in the name of growing into freedom? Yes. Have I had to rediscover self-love in a completely new way than I had before? Oh yea. Have my truths and beliefs been challenged? Yes. Has it been painful? Absolutely. Has it been enlightening? Like you wouldn’t believe.

Is it all over? No. and that’s ok. It is life.


The way you live your life and work through your challenges is always relevant, and you are deciding every single day. What you must realize is that how you handle the day to day challenges is very telling of how you are going to handle the really big ones, just in a more magnified way. We are always growing and evolving and making choices whether we consciously think about it or not, but sometimes you get hit with something bigger than a spilled cup of coffee or an argument with your loved one…so just remember, that it is in those times that you reveal your truest nature. Remember that when the darkness is magnified and you are going through something bigger, that it is just a phase where you are being extra challenged.

The opportunity in it is to notice how you handle tough situations in your life, big and small and to recognize that it all completely alters your quality of life. If you can conquer in the space of magnified darkness, then you will be so much more powerful on the other side of it when it is no longer magnified and you are back to the day to day challenges.

The opportunity is to etiher face the challenge of changing the things you notice that you don’t like so much about how you handle things, or to face the challenge of holding on strong to your beliefs and convictions in spite of your experience.

The opportunity is to face the challenge of feeling the pain that sometimes comes with growth and only letting it free you, refusing to let it imprison you more.


I am becoming a master of my mind day by day, my purpose is becoming even clearer day by day. Though fear creeps up often still, and I battle the thoughts that bring me down, I use it to master my ability to quiet the voice that does not serve me and to empower my connection to truth, which always serves me. Take something from it all that you can bring with you moving forward, something that will empower you with any future challenges big or small. If you take nothing from a painful situation, it is all in vain and growth is left untouched.

Just because you are changing doesn’t always mean you are growing, choose to grow!

All of this has had me in the most bewildering paradox I have ever felt within. Here I have one side of me that has felt the most pain I’ve ever felt, mixed with fear, sadness, confusion, anger and grief, while this other side of me has never felt more trusting, accepting, understanding, clear, at peace and centered with a certain knowing.

Bottom line is: I have been gifted the opportunity to truly stand within my purpose and message, more than ever before. I always stood by it, but through this experience I have been challenged to never deter from it, and I am happy to report that I have risen to the occasion and it has only engrained my values and beliefs even stronger than ever before. I can choose to hone in on the very real pain and only feel loss or suffering, or I can choose to dig through the mud of it and reveal the beauty. I choose beauty- every single time, I choose joy- always, I choose loveno-matter-what, and that, that is a gift that I will always cherish, and that can never be taken.

You always have a choice… choose truth, choose growth, choose joy, choose Love. <3





5 things you wish you knew before starting that diet

Ok lets be real, diets sound like the bees knees, in theory. We are talking about just a measly week or two of cutting out our sugary friends, having a few more salads, drinking some kind of fancy juice concoction and wallah! Pounds begin to melt away, we fit into that outfit a little better, the sun is shining and celery never tasted so good! So what gives? Why all the negativity towards a system that has proven to work time and time again?

Could it be that it is also a system made up of momentary successes, followed by failure and frustration time and time again?

Now I am not here to lecture, especially since we have all been told at one time or another that diets never work. I will point out however, that no matter how many failed attempts and warnings about the cons of dieting, none of it seems to be quite enough to stop us from giving it another whirl. With that in mind, we could take a look at the telling fact that diet is primarily made up of the word Die (yikes!) and conversely Lifestyle so happily begins with the word Life! (Followed by style which is pretty schnazzy sounding in comparison to diet, or rather Die-out.) Ok I’m done with the play on words, promise. The point is, a diet should be used for one thing and one thing only: Transitioning  to a new and healthier lifestyle. This is perfect because a transition is also temporary!

So before you start your next venture, consider that diets (by themselves) are what don’t ever work. Consider that being aware of your true intentions, specific about your desire and why you want it, clear on what your road blocks are and equipped with a plan of action that fuels a ferocious will, just might be the missing ingredients. Consider a new approach and these 5 new ways of thinking to better set you up for success.


1. Reframe

Think of a diet as a friendly way of not forcing yourself to go cold turkey (no pun intended), into the world of no more donuts every morning. It simply means you are changing your usual or recent habits of eating to something more health conscious. So since a diet is temporary, what does it mean to not be dieting? My guess is it’s back to junk food and unconscious eating habits, until the next time you hit a slump and feel the need to diet again! You can see the insanity of this, and the bookoo bucks in it for insincere programs within the industry. If you are going to diet, let it be a kickstart into something bigger.

How much better would it be to simply change your lifestyle instead, so that you are constantly moving in a forward direction instead of the back and forth gig.


2. Bridging

I say we get rid of the word diet altogether! How about instead we adopt the term bridging! We can start a new revolution, a new phrase across the globe, think about it, “hey Sally do you want a piece of this cake?” – “Oh no thanks Jill I’m bridging” Or “Hey man I’m starting to bridge on Monday, you should do it with me!” Ok ok a girl can dream can’t she!? But in all seriousness it’s about being on the path, or the bridge, to a healthier way of living. How much better does that sound!? Your brain can immediately start programming for a permanent change rather than a short term fix, which is better for your body and definitely better for your mind.

A bridge leads to a new destination, a path can always take you further, a diet… is a ladder, a ladder with only 15 steps that you continually go up and then down, up and then down. So hop off, unless of course the ladder is leading to a bridge ;).


3. Begin by adding more

One way to transition into a healthier lifestyle, that isn’t as terrifying and gruesome as restricting yourself from another grain of sugar for the rest of your life, is by simply adding more of the good stuff! Start by having a salad with every meal, switching your usual snack time foods to something like apple slices or almonds, and definitely start by drinking more water throughout the entire day. Just these simple additions to your life will help immensely on the road to health and will begin to give you a peak into the joys of positive feedback from your body.

Begin by adding more

4. Get clear-be honest-go deep

Before you begin bridging 😉 , get clear about exactly what this means for you. It’s not enough to just decide “I’m going to eat healthier for the next week.”  Sure it’s an absolutely wonderful place to start, but get a bit more specific with your intentions; this way you can become that much more mindful of what you are putting, or not putting into your body. For example:

  • “I’m going to drink 3 bottles of water a day.”
  • “I’m only going to have one cup of coffee in the morning.”
  • “I’m going to have a salad with every meal.”
  • “I’m going to be more mindful of how often I drink alcohol.”

Additionally, if you want to get serious about how far your diet takes you this time around, it’s time to be honest with yourself about your road blocks. Look in the mirror and go deep with your true feelings about yourself and some of the reasons you maybe haven’t been treating you so well. Until you are able to look within and discover why you began losing love for yourself in any way, you won’t be able to reveal the truth; that you are worthy and deserving of all your love. Remember that your outside is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside, so for any legitament growth to occur you must be willing to go there, it’s is so worth it.It is a commitment and ongoing process but just remember that you can’t change what you don’t face. Without a real commitment to self-love, the emotional roller coaster and/or dieting carousel will continue to wear down your spirit.


5. Make it fun!

It’s also important to paint your new and exciting decision for bringing more health into your life with Bright Happy colors! This is exhilarating after all! Just a few days into consistency and you can feel the difference in your body which triggers an immediate elevation in your spirit.

When you are in that glorious good mood cloud and feeling motivated for more, keep the momentum by engaging in something you love or trying something new. Invite a friend or two to go hiking with you Saturday morning, rent bikes on the boardwalk, take a rock climbing course or buy a new recipe book that excites you. Keep engaging in activities that support the habits you want to create and maintain and remember that the decision to eat better and live healthier, has far more benefits with roads to happiness than it does negativity. Don’t let it become a daunting task, let it remain a fulfilling opportunity!


Bottom line, begin associating positive experiences and feelings with healthy choices and anchor them within you. I guarantee, eating cleaner and staying on track will fall into place much easier if you get every part of your life on board with becoming healthy; Mind,Body & Soul.

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Let me begin by saying how much I love, and I mean love cheese. In fact, I still remember the day my mom brought home a gigantic box of Cheezits for the first time ever. I took a handful, ran back to the living room to play, and ran back in for another handful, back and forth for about 45 minutes. I first learned about my cheese addiction when I ran back in for another scoop, only to hit the bottom of the box where only crumbs and sadness remained. Yes, I ate an entire box of Cheezits at about age 6, I am not proud of this.

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As juicing and blending have gained popularity, a common question seems to be popping up more and more: what are the differences and which one is better? Here is a short comparison highlighting the differences between the two as well as a few specific benefits of each.

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The most common question a vegetarian, vegan or even just someone who chooses to eat meat occasionally is asked is, “Where do you get all your protein from?” There is a major misconception in our society that meat and animal products are the only way to get a sufficient amount of protein. Additionally, considering an individuals lifestyle and diet, there is also a lot of confusion about how much protein the average person actually needs.

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"Bliss in our outer world is achieved when there is peace in our inner world."

Shaina Marie


So for lunch today I decided to experiment with what I had available in my fridge. I love doing this during times where I need to make a grocery store run, but still have some produce that hasn’t been used and would otherwise go bad. This was super simple to prepare and the ingredients are all items your body will thank you for!

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